LRS Syllable

Ten years they exist already, but it is just the major theme in schools and publishers: the syllable method. Their goal: All children to secure readers to make Offenburg/Germany/Heidelberg, 17 March 2010. Perhaps one or the other has ever seen the so typical for the syllable method texts: the first syllable of the words is blue, the second red, the third blue, etc. With syllable, the pure speech syllable is meant in this case. But what’s the point to write this speech syllables in different colors? To take, for example, the word Giraffe”. Click Sally Rooney to learn more. It could be read as follows without coloured marking: af fe gir. Is this a special kind of monkey? Of course not, but to distinguish the syllables with different colors, not only caused such confusion. The correct letter groups and thus the real sense of the Word are immediately recognized: giraffe.

It is of course meant the animal with a long neck. The spelling combines so two advantages: the words are more manageable and decrypted by the children more easily the “Classification of words into syllables leads to a better understanding of the basis of this concept is the read and write course ABC of animals”. But the use of a Silbentrenners is not new. Until the middle of the 20th century, thus the most Fibulae were equipped. Only with the introduction of new methods for the reading and learning to write the syllable in the area of funding education was forced recorded there but always great successes. But why must some children develop LRS phenomena if they could successfully from the outset with the syllable method learn reading and writing? Before this background author Klaus Kuhn and the Mildenberger Publisher brought 10 years ago the ABC of animals”again in the primary schools. It is now clear: learn all the kids faster, better, and more easily read and write, as shown in the following quote of a teacher with the syllable method: “I am of your work materials dear Mildenberger Verlag, thrilled and can join the positive opinion.” I hope that is the read method, the taught in the ABC of animals the children from the very beginning, learn continues through against other methods, thus properly read and write. My former are now in the fifth grade of community school and the gymnasium and positively stand out due to their excellent reading ability.” (Karen Isela Nippert helmet) Click here for more reviews and reviews by parents and teachers: Mildenberger Publisher now brings a revision of the most important components of ABC of animals on the market such as the syllabic primer, the workbook and read circus and punctually to the didacta 2010 in March. Learn more about the syllable method, the seminar ABC of animals”and its new features on. The author Klaus Kuhn is available for an interview.


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