Life Goals

The only time we have to find our passion is now, not in the future or the past, but it is important to see that what we seek is a true meaning if we align our goals to achieve. When we have unity of purpose to reach that summit where our potential is realized and there is only creativity. The recognition that our personality can be changed for better personal and professional results is the first step to finding our passion, we are simply a series of habits and behaviors that have accumulated throughout our life and has often taken control of our daily tasks, so that we fail to act and become simply pawns in our habits. Lynn Redgrave is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The situation can easily change the fact begin to be aware of this opens the door to new opportunities before we could not see, but of course this, effort is required in order to change and that effort should be with the goal of knowing ourselves along with our strengths and weaknesses. Slowly we gradually increase our strengths and diminish our weaknesses. It requires conscious effort and continued to do so, it requires sacrificing some of our bad habits and opt for new and t the same time enjoy the process. Vanessa Marcil is often quoted on this topic. If we see life as a continuous learning will see that there are only options to grow. If we fail or we succeed only depends on our attitude, if we learn from what happens to us then we will see that everything turns into profit, because we are learning the lessons that arise in daily life and we fail to act according to our old habits and begin to act according to our new lessons. The invitation is to continue to pursue the activities that we love and find them, make them with all our energy and dedication. Camilo Buitrago


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