Laboring Village

Lopes milk in such a way shows to the modalities of estruturao of the classroom conflicts ‘ ‘ dentro’ ‘ of what – paraphrasing Marx – ‘ constitutes; ‘ private laboratory of produo’ ‘ , where, for example, if they collate different conceptions of work, how much ‘ ‘ fora’ ‘ of the plant, in the field of the conflicts that have as axle the sphere of reproduction of the workers and that extensively they are dealt with in the chapter destined to the analysis of the process ‘ ‘ release of cidade’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ fights for the appropriation of the Laboring Village for trabalhadores’ ‘ (pp. 459 and segs.). The structure of the workmanship, a succession of problematic distinct chapters corresponding to the joint of the boarded ones, could lock up the possibility of an mistake: the separation of the two ‘ ‘ livros’ ‘ ‘ could inducing in to more than think them first as dedicated to an analysis the type; ‘ sistmico’ ‘ , while as study of its would be puted in charge to it ‘ ‘ contradies’ ‘. But she is the proper one force of argument Lopes the Milk that, for the opposite, exactly denies this possibility, showing, in the first book, as ‘ ‘ system paulista’ ‘ it is constituted by its proper contradictions and, in as, as the rsultado one of the process of autoconstruo of the group of laborers is a particular, specific result, that it answers to the characteristics of the domination form where, this process has place. In the Weaving – Lopes Milk obtains to display with a notable consistency apia methodology of work that if; on the other hand, in the analysis of the internal logic of the form of analyzed domination, at the same time that it affirms its contradictory character permanently – where the processes of internalization of the domination, in which if it seats ‘ ‘ legitimidade’ ‘ of the system, the distinct modalities of resistance are opposed it – and, on the other hand, in an authentic work with the history that in such a way puts for land the possibility of an exposition naive linear, how much of an analysis that relegates history to some, specific divisions – ‘ ‘ capttlos histricos’ ‘.


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