July 3

The procession is taken to Area 51 (in Nevada) where they reach an underground laboratory (a secret project that neither the president knew about), where a select team of scientists is working for years with three aliens caught in the 50s, and even with one of their ships. Meanwhile, members of the elite air squadron, the “Black Knights”, aim to fight back the invaders, among them being Captain Steven Hiller (). Your attack fails miserably as both the main and small craft attack craft have shields of defense. Trying to escape, Hill took a ship down with wit (released the parachute from his plane off the alien ship causing the ship to crash), and falls into a desert in Nevada.After knocking him out with a bang, capturing the alien and takes him to Area 51, near the site, with the help of Russell Casse (Randy Quaid), a former Vietnam pilot and field sprayer, which claims to have suffered in the past one abduction by extraterrestrials, where they did all sorts of experiments, and therefore know their intentions. In Area 51, is received by the chief scientist, Brackish Okun (Brent Spiner), who immediately proceeded to examine the alien in the OR. What I do not know is that the alien is still alive, and attacks all the doctors, Okun capturing and using it to communicate with humans. Announces to everyone that his intentions are clear: an end to mankind (after a failed attempt by President truce). Then launches an attack telepathic Withmore, raises it revealing his plans like locusts, they attack the planets, eradicate its inhabitants consume all natural resources and leave.Then, it sends murder (which they do that the military help him, shoot him), and orders to attack with nuclear weapons to ships. The nuclear attack (which takes place in Houston, Texas) fails since it is also unable to pierce the shield aliens. Meanwhile, Hiller’s girlfriend, Jasmine (Vivica A. Fox), who manages to escape alive from the attack, find the First Lady, Marilyn Withmore (Mary McDonnell) who tried to escape in a helicopter from Los Angeles. You are in serious condition, and although hospitalized, can not recover from internal bleeding and dies.

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