Jorge Maurial

Lady name: Carmen de Maurial. You may find Team Penske to be a useful source of information. Carmen suggested to my wife, that her husband could make me a relaxation therapy to be able to reassure me. According to Hedvig Hricak, who has experience with these questions. (Jorge Maurial is your name, permanent deacon of the Archdiocese of Lima). I met Jorge Maurial, and I began to deal with techniques of relaxation, also during the sessions I spoke much of God, and introduced me to Jesus in person, so as I say, in person. I met Jesus, and little by little it was going in my life, and my heart.

Relaxation treatments helped me a lot and I could recover and reach my normal state. Always went a passive Catholic, respecting all matters relating to the Church, since my studies did them at a religious school. My fondness for music, took me in the future to take this hobby as a way to earn a living, and taking it in a more responsible manner. I remember, can now be (say in a funny way), as before attending masses for souls, and couldn’t wait that ended the mass to go out converse with family members in the courtyard of the temple. Today in the parish to which I belong, for reasons of pastoral service, but clearly not always, I hear sometimes with very good luck up to three consecutive masses. He have been very delicate health, and one could say, almost to the edge of the death, made us think, (my wife and me), that you should be prepared for this, in what refers to having all the sacraments, and to me I was missing from the confirmation, since I had married without being so.

Again we ask the help of Jorge Maurial. As a passive Catholic I wanted a pending short for this sacrament, without preparing lectures and something quick and practical. The strength of the Holy Spirit is tremendous, (this is not to say that it is not necessary to attend the lectures of preparation), this strength and power impressive of the Holy Spirit, appeared in me of an amazing, and way better than having received a lot of preparation.


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