Jason The companies have received a high kedah influx into the contextual framework for interpreting the minimum elements which you should comprtir and one of them is kelantan related to the information, which has passed the same registration and disclosure through manual, magnetic shah alam or fisiscos toward systemic means, systematic and computer. Until the 80th’s the computer as jalan a medium for data processing, was interpreted as the ideal tool for generating more productive at work, so, according to the chart proposed (in the blue triangle), the melaka charges were kota kinabalu receiving greater volume johor of data and in the same way exigenia toward greater processing of the same, the data became the central focus of the office, where vestoy to respond to where and when the project comply with the assigned responsibility, were frequent questions which occupied jawatan kosong in the development of them, the more time available. In a second step, (yellowing of the proposed graph), the positions advanced in the development of the accumulation, manipulation and structuring of data into information generation, which allowed the development of langkawi better structures for the construction of knowledge and understanding of production processes, thereby generating higher productivity. . These processes went from being simply fulfilling an instruction to become a structure that generates data, which structured a coordinated manner, generates information that allows a company to inform his client the status of compliance with an order or suppliers, the real situation with the feedstock and is contributing to the generation of business productivity. The information in this way allows better productivity ia in the operation and was directly related. In a third step (green triangle in the graphic proposal), the information begins to perodua generate new jobs, for example in the 80’s the production planner in a processing plant, it was a basic charge, the person who carried this office productivity generated through operating information. By the 00’s this glider becomes manager of demand, since it has integrated terengganu information system that lets you generate and capture information from the markets to determine trends in demand, develop consumer profiles and market taman interterpretar allow the products necessary to supply it. The information thus moving towards the generation of new services, charges and intangible selangor products of market intelligence, which klang allow the company to acquire through commercial arrangements with a basic technological infrastructure, to access these sarawak services. Integrated information systems – ERP now available to companies, were consistent with this development, creating business networks today exchanging information generation services, enabling the development of new markets. We kancil see how the technological paradigm has modifica es business context and within it, leading to those assisted in restructuring their office-related kuantan skills and also with the mental model with which to perceive reality.

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