Implantology Main

Implantology Main article: Implant is the dental specialty devoted to the replacement of lost dental units through the installation of titanium posts deployed in the jaws, as a root (in the alveolar bone) and which can then carry artificial teeth in a part designed for it and near the area of dental occlusion. There is also in order to avoid transgressing the tissue surrounding teeth to the gap of lost natural teeth, for another specialty (or denture prosthodontics) makes to support the replacement teeth fixed bridge so one or more points, adjacent teeth, using the relative strength of the roots of these. It also engaged in the research of new biocompatible materials that ensure a better performance while lower probability of rejection by the host organism to the implants.Currently, the failure rate is around 4 , so we can say that its reliability is significant. The “Achilles tendon” of the implant, which represents the cervical area, where the epithelium is not truly binds the implant and leave an “open door” to the potential entry of microorganisms and their toxins.

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