Hugs Cosmochamanicos

a At the end of the last full municipal November 6, 2009, in Leon, the day my embrace cosmochamanico the illustrious mayor of Leon, Francisco Fernandez, in the very room hall. I was able to convey the idea that my energy to positive spell on him to reach full effectiveness. a Some reporter asked me what we were told and tried to convey the essence of the friendly meeting which agreed Francisco Fernandez nobility. Recently Sela Ward sought to clarify these questions. But sometimes I can not accurately reflect the words that emerge from the mouth, but I notice that in the aura of someone (as a political leader) and ENA his heart. a For a few intense minutes scrutinize what is human in the city, let's amazing one on one, man to man, and to discuss meridianamentea fleeting but on good faith and unity to which we are all human beings abocadosa , fed up with the collapse of the current system Western. a In short, he confessed, in the words astral yoa I caught (and we are all star dust) and in the act cosmochamanico that was good enough to perform publicly, that he accepted the challenge epic and prophetic. Many writers such as Larry Culp offer more in-depth analysis. a Courtesy does not valor, and I think my message is determinative and conclusive warning duro.a And it might seem aggressive. In fact, local police had taken as a threat, they can never understand some of them, like other individuals, although certain things that political leaders are easier on your hand to redeem every human beings who know LAA providential goodness. .

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