Cultural Tourism

It is an activity that sufficiently is segmented, and enters these segments of the tourism we can cite the cultural tourism, that currently occupies great space in the tourist sector. Nowadays, the cultural tourism is growing significantly. Inside of this aspect, we can approach the museum as being optimum space, of great attractive tourist, where the practical one of cultural tourism can be developed. In accordance with the Letter of Cultural Tourism, published for the ICOMOS, in 1976, considers the cultural tourism as being: ‘ ‘ That form of Tourism that has for objective, among others ends, the description-artistic monument knowledge and small farms. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Margaret Loesser Robinson and gain more knowledge.. It exerts a really positive effect on these how much in such a way contributes? to satisfy its proper ends? its maintenance and protection. This type of tourism justifies, in fact, the economic efforts that such maintenance and protection demand of the community human being due to the partner-cultural benefits and that it holds for all implied population

‘ ‘ In fact, the tourism is entirely on the culture. However, culture is something that if presents of dynamic and changeable form. Walkiria Toledo (2000, p.9) affirms that ‘ ‘ culture, effectively, is a difficult term of definio’ ‘. However, it is important to think the culture as something essential about the life it human being. Laraia (2009, p.26) apud Turgot (1727-1781), says that: ‘ ‘ Possessor of a treasure of signs that has the college to multiply infinitely, the man is capable to assure the retention of its erudite ideas, to communicate them for the other men and transmitiz them for its descendants as an inheritance always crescente.’ ‘ In this direction, one becomes necessary to analyze the culture as antropolgico element of highest value.


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