Cuba One

He trained militant in Cuba. The development of the unionism led to the decline of the leagues that if they directed to become a party, but these movements in full Cold War bothered the Uncle Sam and had contributed for the American support to the blow of 64. It pronounced itself against such and finished having of if hiding in the interior of Mines, disfarado of peasant until being discovered imprisoned exiled in Mexico where it worked as researcher and if it autocriticou for having fought against small the average proprietors. It came back to the country with the amnesty and finished if candidatando with the support of the right. Fiasco was one came back to Mexico where it died in the shortage in 1999 to the 84 years of age. Please visit Sela Ward if you seek more information. The peasants in the half of century XX had had a small space of maneuver with the device decline you and if they had organized to fight for its rights, but the ascension of the plants and later the military governments had soon finished with the possibilities social ascension.

The coastal northeastern until century XIX was based on the exploration of the enslaved man power. With the abolition the wage-earning workers who already occupied some functions before it, if had become only the available one, and practise fellow creatures to the feudal servitude if they had developed. The illiteracy and absence of agrarian reform were the bases in which the work cheap necessary to keep the sugar cultivation if developed. It is understood that the local elite if bothered with a cultured agitator that it threatened to take its lands and to take off its man power. They already were ruined with the end of the slavery.

Peasants beyond if resenting at the economic and sexual exploration of its women and children felt that if the slavery was abolished with its gentlemen in decline finally arrives at the hour to change the route of history. The decline of the devices made with that many of its heirs opted to the socialism as form to resist the advance of the capitalism. Julio arrived to nail the violence against the large estate owners without perceiving that the revolution that tried to restore could be turned against it. In the reality he was more honest than other intellectuals and understood the peasant better. Its virtue did not hinder that exactly married if it involved with an aggregate of its lands and had a son with it. It practises it to make illegitimate sex with peasants was one practises common you. He was also one of the aspects most painful for the peasants who could not make the same with Mrs. He himself perceived to have wrong when playing small the agricultural workers against average farmers who would be potential allies and not of form some an obstacle for its reforms. It imprisoned and was exiled, but its peasants tortured and died for the dictatorship. The resentment that felt against the usineiros ones was common the gentlemen of device and in its in case that it found in the peasants not similar allies and. It wanted to dominate, to come back the elite as its ancestral ones. As the abolitionist Joaquin Nabuco it was great, but in contrast of this he failed for being a radical idealist its exactly noble ideals had not taken in consideration the social reality and international and not even he understood the communist ideology well. BIBLIOGRAPHY SANTIAGO, Vandeck. Francisco Julio. Life, Passion and death of an agitator. State legislature of the State of Pernambuco. Recife, 2001.


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