The full article can be seen on Euromoney here.

In an article in, was quoted on the HFRI long/short crisis that was deepened by a further 8% drop, taking the full year decine to a total of 22.5%. was approached for his comment and insight, primarily owing to the interest in Asset Management and his funds’ activities.

“…Almost $30 billion has left long/short equity strategies this year. HFR estimates that there is about $516 billion in long/short funds, down from $684 billion at the end of 2007, including asset loss through performance.But is it the end of the long/short strategy? , CEO of Asset Management, says it is not but believes the investment approach used by long/short managers will have to change. “The days of the highly levered, hyper-trading, blackbox models are over, and the myth that one could produce on the upside while fully protecting the downside has been busted. We

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