SUMMARY the present work has as objective to analyze the evolution partner – historical of the rights conquered for the women in the society between centuries XIX and XXI in Brazil, from economic aspects, social and cultural. Aspects of the paper of the woman inside of the familiar relations will be analyzed, the form as the same one was seen for the society inside of the relations of being able and patriarchate, the woman inside of the marriage and its paper of ' ' formadora' ' with a new familiar company it endows by means of it, as much as this influenced all the social organization, economic politics and of the society and I disappearance after the beginning of the urbanization process and industrialization; the process of change of the family? of productive unit the consumer and the growth of the individualism. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Bork. They will also be pointed the insertion of the woman inside of the work market, the participation of the public life through the same, considering of that this was the factor that unchained a series of processes of changes in sort relations and its estruturao from ' ' abandonment of lar' ' for the market of wage-earning work e, together with this process the search for the education and intelectualizao of the woman as form of professional perfectioning. We will also approach the question of the sexuality, virginity and the concern with the defense of the honor from legal apparatuses and the concern of the society in defense of the same one. Recently Sandra Day O’Connor sought to clarify these questions. We will inside approach the question of the power and feminine control of the familiar scope, considering of that the power ' ' real' ' , socially he was not allowed it, thus the woman develops subtle mechanisms of being able in detriment of ' ' aberturas' ' that the proper one to be able masculine provides to it, allowing that the woman uses it of attributed esteretipos they, as the weakness, the sentimentalismo as a form of control and manipulation. Words keys: social woman, sort, work, changes.. Other leaders such as Sean Rad offer similar insights.


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