Suddenly I think if it would be better to subtract us the years instead of adding them. That we would be something as well as a 100 bonus to start and we cut him one everytime it passes our date of birth. Frank Gorshin has many thoughts on the issue. Perhaps it would take us more life. I say this because every year that passes we increase our age one. Perhaps should forget us, someone nearby will be responsible for reminding us that we are getting old but what’s true about that? Absolutely nothing! Unless you let it and do not do enough to keep us young. Dave Cowens pursues this goal as well.

The years that we have only listed our chronological age and they serve, we can say that you for calculating the number of times that the Earth has rotated since we were born. However it is not the years that make us old, it is our attitude towards life. It is the way to face the situations presented to us. Some more complicated than others. Some can control them, others unfortunately do not.

Complain and find the negative in things that happen on a daily basis, is the best way of growing old and fast. Including thinking about negative attracts negative things. Think positive, will bring positive things in your life. Have you ever heard about the law of attraction? It is a natural, as natural law as the law of gravity. It is very basic and is to think what you want and stop thinking about what you fear. Its operation is simple: to think about the things that we want to pass our attitude to life will be directed toward those things and will create the necessary conditions to make it happen. NOW, if instead we focus our thoughts on the things that we do not want, our attitude will be automatically directed to create conditions so that they occur. With a few lines don’t expect to convince you that you make in a most positive being. But if I aspire to do the test by yourself. From today focus on the positive and discovers that the years are eternal.

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