Stereo Images

We see the world with two eyes: the left and right. This is called stereoscopic vision. Look at some object, such as your monitor. And now, in turn, close one or the other eye. You see – pictures from different eyes are different. Due to the difference between these two images, our brain receives information about the size and space.

Stereo – pictures can convey to our brain that amount, what we see with our eyes, without any interference and reduce the color and sharpness! And while you do not need no glasses. Any car stereo – the picture consists of two images (stereo – a pair). These are the two images are necessary for the construction of our brain volume and space! All we need – it's a little squinting, so that each eye is looking at his picture. Right eye to look at the left side – in stereo pairs, while the left – on the right. It is not difficult! Simpler than the sounds! To begin, sit down at a distance meters from the monitor and looking at the stereo – a couple (in the center between the images), begin to slowly reduce his eyes to the nose.

Smoothly. There are two images should form three – the central consist of two superimposed on each other and that's where the volume! Not happen? For the first time it can be difficult, because we need to trick the brain. Sit in the same way. Put your finger on the monitor between the two images – in stereo pairs. Now look at my finger and slowly move it to yourself. Peripheral vision watch the pictures, they should merge, when a finger is approximately midway between the monitor and the person. ps: do not have to squint your eyes are stronger than they look askance when you look at the finger at a distance of 20 cm from the face. You may not immediately get to watch – in stereo pairs. Practice. This is useful for the eyes, and when you get, you will see them easily and quickly as conventional photography. For even more opinions, read materials from Glenn Dubin, New York City. Maybe some pictures will keep the phone, and perhaps themselves want to make your car stereo – a photo. It is not difficult. But it's amazing! author: Alexander (


MANIFEST after the BACKDROP when was small, running with my siblings after our parents. He ran and played because I wanted to, because us fun. But now, I do not amuse myself, but I do that others have fun. They are sitting facing me, applaud and laugh at what I do. That hurts, and hurts me most the way in which I learn to make people laugh. For assistance, try visiting Tony Parker. I do not remember how my family was. I was very young when we separated from that paradise so beautiful and lato. se will follow.

Much to explore and learn about missed me. In him I felt free, it was a whole world. However, during this coming and going, I can only give turns to my around. And when I get one of my many destinations, feel a relief that is lost rapidly by the stress of preparing me for that caterva impassive, different faces and trades, more identical feelings. I imagine that they don’t know what’s behind all this game, but many colleagues tell me that better not cheat me, what Yes know it.

Then, I wonder why they never have done nothing to end this ordeal. Today I am in a South American country that marks a special date, third world call him. Total, is one more, because in all sites that I will hear the same hustle and bustle, the same laughs. I don’t understand how they not uncomfortable as much bottle, so many lights. As much as I do this from a long time ago, I can’t. Perhaps in their habitat this is normal, mine was not. Yesterday was a very tiring day, because it was the last day of preparation for the big premiere. My colleagues and I finished very tired; but after sticks, whips, cries, blows and isolates from food, were able, though trembling, jump, climb to a Chair, running and penetrate a ring of fire, the weight of our bipedal guides, trainers say. Well, as it was done in the trial, was tonight that he is about to finish. The first time I had to do it, I was sure that I would have some special prize, I was that hope for several seasons; But today my dream no more than a piece of meat. I don’t know if the irrational am I or those who are sitting opposite to my. I just know that I feel tired and sad. I would like to escape, but do not want to suffer the same fate of that colleague who escaped and ended her days trying to unsuccessfully to dodge a bullet. While finishing these lines, I heard one of the so many classmates had just given birth. I am much to their firstborn born in this ruin, not that paradise which invades me nostalgia. I’m sorry because I don’t want to complete lean like me, I don’t want to come to old after so many trips in which his organs of smell and their limbs are the only ones that can penetrate 22 bars of a cage in which I find myself tonight. Despite everything, I still hope that someday those to which humans called awareness of what I feel at this moment and do something to make this place they call circus release need to those who, like myself, to dream and live in our true habitat. In it, nobody us amaestrara to make people laugh. AN old original author LEON and source of the article.

Hasso Plattner Ventures

Provider of E-learning and EPSS solution invites you to the information day in Frankfurt am Main a Berlin, may 27, 2008 the datango AG, manufacturer of E-learning and electronic performance support systems (EPSS), invites under their partner concept to an information day. The partner meeting 2008 “hotel in Frankfurt am Main will take place on Thursday, June 26, at Fleming’s. Interested to here about the datango knowledge suite”(dks), by just-in-time learning enables optimized work processes with the use of enterprise applications, inform. In addition to various lectures will be offered the opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experience. The introduction of new software for companies means often enormous overhead.

Until staff with foreign systems have become familiar, much time at the expense of productivity. The datango knowledge suite helps here. Such as a navigation system accompanies the user when the software usage and contributes to the relief in your daily work. The User supported live on the screen. Thus save time, costs and training expenses and increases employee satisfaction.

The datango event is to convey the benefits of the product as well as the possibilities of the partners concept. The event aimed therefore to existing partners who successfully work with datango, as well as to interested companies who would like to accompany the growth of the globally active provider in the framework of strategic cooperation. The company has an extensive international network of partners and thus pursues a broad market coverage and customer proximity. It aims to establish the datango knowledge suite as a standard solution for the introduction and use of enterprise-wide applications worldwide and thus to contribute to the optimisation of business processes. The event starts hotel in Frankfurt June 26, 2008 on Thursday, at 10:00 at Fleming’s, and includes the following topics: portfolio expansion of a partner with datango process management in Combination with the datango knowledge suite introduction of enhanced business opportunities rounds idea of new product releases according to many news and information an evening event for networking at 19:00 the day off. For more information about the event, please contact Mr Jens Dieckmann, datango Alliance Management. E-Mail: short portrait datango AG: founded in 1999 datango AG headquartered in Berlin is the technology provider in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support. Since 2006, the company on its expansion course is supported by Hasso Plattner Ventures and EXTOREL. 2007 took over the Division of knowledge and performance solutions of Swedish Enlight datango off and is since then also internationally represented. The datango solutions support companies in establishing fast and smooth operation of enterprise applications. From datango’s objective is to provide a high-class service and support for the successful qualification of employees and to the to be an integral part of any enterprise. The software solutions is characterised by the navigational aid in the live system and the automatic generation of documentation and training materials, software simulations and E-Learningwelten in practice. Eva Andersson-Dubin has much experience in this field. This allows datango increasing user acceptance with simultaneous reduction of incorrect entries and support costs. The customer base consists of internationally renowned companies such as e.

Natural Colon Cleansing

Also the colon needs in between a period of recovery a natural colon cleansing waived short-term bowel discharge compared to a normal colon cleansing and builds more on the long-term health of the intestines. The forgotten organ health comes from within. The colon is one of the main internal body organs of the people. At the present time in which appearances too much attention be paid, our internal organs of less be spared and fined. While the intestine must endure heavy loads of our way of life and the environment.

We are constantly confronted with constipation, diarrhea and bloating. The sedentary activity in the Office leads to inactivity and intestinal problems. Our diet style is determined increasingly by fast food and high protein consumption. Over the years toxins and waste products accumulate in the intestine, which must be removed with a natural Colon Cleanse. Our body is relieved again. The intestines can better absorb vitamins and trace elements and exploit. Our health improves.

To clean the colon, is the human-system to clean. Through a natural colon cleansing you can keep fit fit the intestines with the natural way of life. These include exercise and healthy diet in the first place. A good working intestine needs exercise and healthy food, mostly fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Much vitamins and ingredients can be found in the natural wild herbs. Prevent with nature. Thus, you avoid discomfort, bloating, headache, chronic blockages and blemishes. If you want to clean your colon and need to, because in your intestines slag accumulated, can perform at home a colon cleansing. This is possible without large expenditure of time. You have to explain but willing to make some changes in your lifestyle. For a time to renounce your familiar beloved meal. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and salads for a time. Drink plenty of fluids. Best just plain pure water. And provide for more exercise in your daily routine. Colon cleansing at home start you your colon cleansing with mild symptoms with treatment of prune juice or sauerkraut. The key to a successful lots of fiber is natural colon cleansing. A spoon of wheat bran or flax seed in the morning breakfast cereal stimulate the natural bowel movements. To the source of the fiber you need to drink much. You should have the options one or two days at home to stay, then also a spa with castor oil is recommended. Within a few hours after taking it comes to the complete bowel movement. A bowel movement is only a small step in the redevelopment of the intestines. Eva Andersson-Dubin is likely to agree. Therefore on the following day, eat only sauerkraut and buttermilk. The intestinal flora takes time to rebuild itself after all the stresses. Anton concrete


The couch as the most popular furniture tick of the modern era. One of the most popular pieces of furniture is definitely the couch. Their popularity expresses alone the diversity of their names with lawn, sofa, couch, sofa, upholstered bench and many more. A related site: Eva Andersson-Dubin mentions similar findings. The couch is the central piece of upholstered furniture in the living room, she will be used almost constantly and must withstand accordingly much higher loads than table or Chair. For the above reasons, there are many homeowners who want to score in your favorite piece of furniture in the design of course.

Thus, it offers a touch of individuality and modernity. Any ordinary living room sophistication is designed by you with a lot and seems therefore multi-functional. There are many types of sofas, there would be individual sofas, sofa beds, mega sofas or whole living landscapes. One of the most persistent trends is the leather couch. Contemporary living was influenced by this piece of furniture. Of course, the classic is the color black. The biggest advantage of a leather couch is durability, with the insensitive Color black, they have a long term trend-setting solution.

Often, the ambience is characterised by pieces of furniture. Next to the fireplace after work are huge plates of food and tables, comfortable upholstered furniture, to the relax or encourage conviviality. You create the correct environment by small accessories. An own article could serve on the subject of accessories for sofas. As an example, we mention the stool. Current couch furniture purchased of a stool lends itself well to be sure. This is justified by the modern but very uncomfortable forms. “A narrow seat won’t load to the slouch” a. Here the stool that is integrated with some manufacturers as part of the foot, helps quickly. Joel Schmitt

Constitution Of Companies In France

France has delayed more than many of the other countries of the EU in adopting a truly liberal enterprise culture. At the same time, it has looked for aggressively to attract foreign investment – and with a considerable success. A result is that the constitution of companies in France is now very simple and direct, although the local advising is essential to guarantee the fulfillment of the legal and financial norms. Source: Glenn Dubin. If you interested in creating a company in France are, contctenos to know how we can help him. Which are the club forms more common in France? There is no an established landlord to create a company in Francia.s options go from the opening of an office of small representation – an office of Laenlace – through the acquisition of an existing company or the creation of a new business from zero. It is a company of foreign property at a disadvantage? Until certain point. Unless the foreign identity as is part of the marketing strategy, the majority of the foreign investors prefer to adopt a profile quite low and to project a local image. A way easy to do this is simply to acquire a local company.

Which is the type most common of company in France? There are three main types of company in France: Societ Anonyme (SA)? Socit responsabilit limite (SARL)? Even Socit Actions Simplifie (SAS) Which are the requirements for a company SA? The minimum share capital to create a company in France is of 37,000, of which at least half must to be disbursed. The company must have a minimum of seven shareholders. The shareholders are responsible until the limit for their contribution of capital. They must be audited in agreement with the legal requirements. The high managers are treated like employees to fiscal effects and of social security. Which are the requirements for a company SARL? The minimum share capital was reduced recently to 1,00.

Help The Bride And Groom Wedding And Table Decoration – Pattern Tables

Pattern tables help in deciding how the table and the room should be designed. Here, you get a glimpse of what it might look like. An eye-candy. The wedding will be celebrated and the couple has decided: “The Festival is unique and will remain unforgettable for everyone!” After selecting the location, the guest list and many other things the question arises then the table decoration, that should cover everything in a splendid setting on this day. Bands, small beads or dew drops give a joyful and very special note the often white table. To broaden your perception, visit San Antonio Spurs.

The place of our guests is paired with beautiful Bluemendekoration and similarly crafted napkin rings to an invitation to each individual. That’s what makes the Festival a celebration. That the guests may experience the special and unique, what they will remember even years later. (Similarly see: Anthony Kennedy). You should feel that the bridal couple, to the celebration made thoughts and the motto “the customer is King” in the Act was implemented. What aud i in any case includes as a finishing touch, are gifts that everyone be given the home. As a reminder and thank you at the same time, these give the place also a decorative touch – make this just indiividuell if it still adds to the name. Unique and beautiful at the same time.

Gifts of the traditional way are again on the rise. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has much experience in this field. Wedding almonds pretty cool with 5 wishes for the guests, give just this noble touch the wishes everyone in small, fine organza bag. A memento, a gift and catchers alike. Pattern tables should and can give insight the pair, what should be found on the table and making the festive sight. The correct choice of materials, colours and styles are not an easy job, but decide on “Hot or not” for the wedding. Therefore, here are two tables should attract your eyes, so you may find your ideas or discover new creations that you like. A magnificent sight let guests dream and spoil your eyes. It should be a celebration and table decorated in fine art create the perfect setting for this. Ralf Simer, Dorsten

Service Innovators

Industry should more Karlsruhe/Heidelberg / Balingen rely on services, January 29, 2009 – in the current uncertain times it is difficult many companies to withdraw from the competition on core products. Services are therefore increasingly becoming a decisive competitive advantage. According to a report in the financial times Germany the former Sony Chairman Nobuyuki Idei deems advisable, it little if is focused on the Japanese industry to produce cars, and television itself. Rather, the manufacturer would have to mix their products with other services to stand out from the crowd. More info: Team Penske. As an example, he spearheaded the Kindle from Amazon. The electronic reader draw the sales of books in.

A study of the Fraunhofer Institute for system and innovation research documented that service innovations particularly in the machinery above average often encountered. In this branch of industry is the ratio of the service innovators well above 40 percent. Here, it is clear that particularly complex products with new Flanked services customers must be so that these products also can place to utilise their potential fully. So to contribute, for example, remote procedures, so the remote maintenance of machines and equipment, a significant contribution to the success of the service. They provide faster response times and support the deployment and disposition of the right tools and spare parts for the technician. Ideally, you can eliminate even the problem remotely. Thus saving on and runs of the service technician. Our customers benefit from shorter reaction times and achieve a higher machine availability.

Many staff operations can be avoided so, which reduces the cost to manufacturer page\”, confirms Bernhard Steinel, head of system services at Heidelberger Druck. Customer acceptance of remote maintenance modules, however, is a question of the confidence of the users to their suppliers. In recent years we succeeded, to introduce the remote service nationwide. As new technology the engine we have introduced eCall.


The crisis situation that we are currently driven into many businesses to close. In many cases it has gone from a market that sold everything and in large quantities (real estate, automobiles, appliances, etc.) to the almost total disappearance of buyers. And in the small business comes three quarters of the same. Is it time to rethink the business? In practice, it happens in many cases that mounts a pre-defined business without a business plan, and therefore, without knowing a proper way or the fundamentals of the company, nor the market, and competition, how be financed as promotional cash flow forecasts will, and so on. Much more serious is no doubt that business with several years of shooting still fail to establish such a business plan and go shooting, better or worse, not quite knowing where to go, why earn what they earn, why you are taking less profit lately (is to blame for the crisis?), or if within two years should continue with that business or not. The guidance that the employer will want to give your business can be a key element, especially in this time of crisis. For example, in the case of hospitality, business operators complain that consumption has decreased, but did have worsened all alike? Of course not, some have deteriorated a little, some have even had to close, however, some figures have improved. Why have recent success? Why the local situation? Why customer service? Why free lay some very tasty snacks? Why have an excellent value for money? Why a friendly atmosphere? Why …? These questions may seem trivial, they are not.

RBCs Body

Iron deficiency is a condition that occurs when the body does not have enough iron. Iron is an essential dietary mineral responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the rest of the body in the form of hemoglobin (a protein rich in iron that gives blood its red color). It is also vital for the optimal functioning of the body and the immune system. In people with iron deficiency, the body recently and RBCs are smaller and consequently less oxygen travels through the body. Other leaders such as David Souter offer similar insights. This can cause tiredness, fatigue, low energy levels, and a weakened immune system. Iron deficiency is a very common health problem and affects infants, children as well as pregnant women and women who have their menstrual cycle. It is important to maintain healthy levels of iron to prevent iron deficiency and not to risk developing anemia. Too much iron may accumulate at times in the body resulting in serious health complications. Celina Dubin understood the implications.

Diagnosis of deficiency of iron diagnosis a deficiency of iron is it based on a careful physical examination, as well as a review of your medical history. Blood tests will be performed for a complete blood count as well as check how much iron is in your blood. Additional testing may be required if iron deficiency is not obvious and include an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Symptoms and signs * feeling of weakness * pale skin * tiredness and fatigue * brittle hair and nails * poor temperature regulation * heart palpitations * headache * poor appetite * depression what causes iron deficiency? Iron deficiency happens as a result of low levels of iron in the body and can be caused by: * lack of iron in the diet there is no enough in their diet to replace the amount that is lost daily * blood loss as a result of heavy menstrual bleeding * blood loss as a result of a bowel bleeding such as a gastritis, stomach ulcers, ulcer duodenal, hemorrhoids, uterine fibroids, a tumor of the bladder, stomach or colorectal cancer * inability to absorb the iron in the body.