The Customer

The average price of a model program for creation of electronic catalogs is 150 euro. The program includes a set of tools for creating an electronic directory and write it to cd. Many companies offer their services to create multimedia electronic catalogs. The standard proposal for the development of an electronic catalog and record it on CD-ROM includes: – the creation of original design, interface, search system, a system of import data and updating an electronic catalog – to develop a template data file (Excel format or XML), which is populated with the customer – the customer’s experts advising on the preparation of data for an electronic catalog – initial filling of the electronic catalog data testing and debugging electronic catalog – a record of the electronic catalog on CD-ROM – training of specialists working with the customer’s catalog of updates, etc. This entire complex of works on creating an electronic catalog in the Moscow-based companies worth – from 1500-2300. is, in other – at 300-1000. e.

Time of making an electronic catalog – 2-3 weeks. The quality of these directories depends on the database, which provides the customer, if its own Soft-making company with no connection to the product manufacturer, it usually leads to disastrous results. Since the market of electronic catalogs of parts and components (spare parts), tractors and mobile machines there are two most widely promoted Yekaterinburg company (previously it was one, judging from the database), which they did from the archive library catalogs, books (publication of the last millennium!) and distribute their electronic collections to 75 at.


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