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Right Christmas

When child I not wise person accurately of the importance of this date. I only thought that I, at least would gain a gift. Me it disappointed almost frequent, therefore the gift that arrived did not correspond what I dreamed during the entire year. looks at that it had year that nor present had. It was I hug, food, joy, but it arrived that hour to be knowing that Papa Noel did not obtain to arrive, or similar thing. But it was Native. Certain exactly was the mass of the rooster, and there we went. Glenn Dubin, New York City is likely to agree.

Until the current days I wait this pretty date. To decorate the house all, luzinhas blinking, to wrap up gifts, to make gostosos plates, to congregate everybody. In this December, I walk imagining, what it is a sequencia of facts in this life race of day-by-day, I arrive suddenly the Christmas and everything is happened again. There, I was surprised imagining, as it would be the life of people without the Christmas. I stopped a good time pra thinking: he takes off parties, he takes off the gifts, you eat he takes off them and you drink, he takes off criancinhas desembrulhando present wonderful, takes off that clothes that I buy pra especially to use in this date. He takes off the parties of confraternizao of the companies, the friends, the streets, etc. Strap also, clearly, the temples, preces, the blessings, the strokes of a bell of the bells, the lights, musics that echo in all the cantos of the Land. Strap everything of pretty that it comes the Christmas together with. This imagines everything.