Sustainable Development

The necessary Amaznia of one program of investment in infrastructure, but this necessary program to take the development sustainable as base and not as rhetorical. Charles R. Clement If not to surpass a species of rastaqeresca, colonial mentality exactly, in regards to the Amaznia, speech in sustainable development does not go beyond nhenhenhm academic-politician. Everything in this area is astronomical. The forest has only covered about 3.3000.000 km, that is, 40% of the Brazilian territory. Contact information is here: actress. Its biodiversity is only in the planet. In ecosystem terms, our Legal Amaznia presents four great segments: dense forests, not dense forests, the open pasture and the fertile valleys.

According to studious, it has between 5 and 7 a thousand species of vertebrate animals; 15 and 20 a thousand species of superior plants, 20 and 100 a thousand species of microorganisms and 1 and 10 million species of invertebrate animals. In one another dimension, nothing less than about 25% of the production of national soy leaves this granary; the flock funny bovine around 12%; almost 14% of the mineral production, and Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) is in level of 7%. What they walk making in it, with it and for it is the great question. I am of that they had not yet discovered what Brazil really intends to make with so extraordinary Treasure. If to think about terms of Science and Technology, arrive to be joke the investments. By the way, some say that ‘ ‘ the paid Amaznia for other parts of the Brasil’ ‘. It does not have exit: or we surpass the model of development in march, alicerado in predatory politics, in primitive extrativismo, or our end will be the barbarity. Our Amaznia will turn dust. Pororoca of foolishness for intelligent, wise, rational behaviors urges to substitute this, whose bases are in the sustainable development.


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