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In general, we determine whether we should or not caring for our diet and increase the actividasd physics in relation to our body mass index. However, these indicators are very nonspecific. On occasions, we may need some care, despite the fact that the ideal weight chart indicates that we are in a consistent value for our age and height, then the question suggests that, if you really need to lose weight.?. We then show you how to know if we really need to lose weight using other indicators that can determine a risky excess fat for health.Waist circumference. It may indicate an excess of fat located in the abdomen, in the visceral zone, which indicates health risks, regardless of the index of body mass within appropriate values. So any woman who presents a waist exceeding is. and every man whose waist circumference greater than 94cms., should start for your health care, whether eating more healthy, moving more or lose some kilos which allow the reduction of body fat and, with this, decrease the fat in this area.Body fat.

If a person It has a normal weight, but a body fat percentage high, should assess the location of such a fat by measuring waist circumference. Even so, that person of normal weight but with excess fat need activity physics and some care in their diet, most beyond whether it has increased waist circumference or if accumulated fat in the hips. Measure the percentage of fat and muscle in the body is of great importance.With these two measurements can supplement as indicated by the index of body mass and weight, and find out if we really need to lose weight. There are other indicators that may be useful and are not always taken into account, as they are the cintura-altura or the BMI index according to size.Ultimately, we may need a weight loss without taking into account the normal weight or the appropriate body mass index as well as also we can present an excessive weight but do not need to lose weight, because our health is not at risk.

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