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The popular magazine for astrology and counseling is the eternal mystery of Atlantis on the bottom in its recent issue for September and October. Since time immemorial, are told Yes countless myths about the fabled continent, whose superior Zivilisation should be sunk by a natural disaster. So to the question arises whether Atlantis actually existed or whether it is just a legend In the course of time developed into as many as different interpretations of the theme of Atlantis for millennia. Utopians are convinced, that the inhabitants of Atlantis were alien, which searched for a new Habitat on Earth deliver the most adventurous Declaration. Atlantis is considered for Mystic as a collective memory of humanity on their earliest past, they led a life in harmony with nature. Again, others see a cautionary example of arrogance and greed cause people to ruin in Atlantis.

But where might this paradise lost have been really? For the first time was “Atlantis, mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato, of it as beyond the pillars of Heracles” settled, which they understood the rock of Gibraltar in the ancient world. Interestingly, one comes across the story of Atlantis also in a place where one would expect they hardly: the Hopi Indians of North America know to report, whose happy Menschen in the course of time in greed, fell into disrepair and perish in their legends by a country. And this country should have located east of them! Until today, Atlantis was suspected by archaeologists not only in the Atlantic Ocean the Black Sea, even in Antarctica, but also in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea. There are at least two dozen places, eligible for. More to this topic is to read that again, length contains a horoscope by over 50 pages in the current Astroblick.


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