Innovation Management And Trend Research

Mega trends and their impact on the marketing is any change in a trend? Trends are processes with which we can better describe changes. There are different categories: Megatrends have a long duration of approx. 50 to 100 years and affect all areas of human life. These developments – about globalisation, the ageing, the change in the forms of work – have an impact on all regions of the world and all social areas: economically, politically and socially. Not only individuals must deal with the changes, Governments, companies and financial sectors. A leading source for info: movie actress. As opposed to socio-cultural trends that are pronounced differently depending on the culture and developing the average ends after 15 to 20 years can be found. Most often however we are experiencing short-term trends, which reflect the spirit of the times and current market, product, or industry trends.

Such market changes occur within about 5 years and then are no longer up to date. Simon Pagenaud has firm opinions on the matter. The classification of current developments in this Trend categories is the task of the trend and future research. The field of marketing is the challenges in marketing currently in a structural crisis. The emancipation of customers through the Internet meant that consumers today as prosumers\”Act: at the same time consumer and producer of goods and services, since they not only consume but also have the opportunity to change the offers by feedback and opinions. The old methods of marketing, which often relied on mass advertising and opportunistic effects very price sensitive, sabotage most customers. The marketing loses many of its control in the new media world, and must be on one-to-one forms of communication with the customer, which is not easy. At the point of marketing is therefore increasingly innovation: those who can bring any innovations with genuine and authentic customer benefit on the market, will fail despite of all marketing efforts. So that a company not missed current or even longer-term trends, there are two ways to the Trend detection: the subjective approach, the operator has a trained instinct, to assess the events and needs of the market and to align his company successfully.

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