Gateway Hotel And Other Great Getaways

Following a proposal of marriage, couples enjoy Parisian romance in this symbol of love, a candlelit dinner at the hotel. 4. Kauai, Hawaii a “. Couples staying at the Grand Hyatt will discover an oasis of natural wonders with swimming pools, salt water lagoons and white sandy beaches that allow ample opportunity for more picturesque marriage proposals. 5. Galway, Ireland a “. The Claddagh ring, the traditional symbol of love in Ireland originated in a medieval village located on the outskirts of Galaway, a proposal inspired by the legendary mystique Glenlo Abbey Hotel, which is the representation of one of the historical charms of Ireland. 6.

Agra, India a “. Originally built by an emperor who wanted to show his devotion and love for his queen., The Taj Mahal is the best site for a monumental proposal. Couples can appreciate the magic of their courtship from the private balconies overlooking the Gateway Hotel to this icon of architecture in marble. 7. Hershey, Pennsylvania a “. Known as the Sweetest place on earth, a Hershey is the best destination for proposals for chocolate lovers. The Hotel Hershey celebrates the a February chocholate feast covered with daily invitations to help plan a tempting proposal of marriage.

8. Venice, Italy a “. After a passionate marriage proposal during a trip by gondola, couples can savor the taste of privacy behind the paintings of Venetian-style windows in the Centurion Palace Hotel, which also allows us to appreciate the beautiful views of the Grand Canal. 9. Orlando, Florida a “. The Victorian style of the Disney Deluxe Resort division works with the Magic Kingdom wedding to ensure a marriage proposal from a fairy tale in front of Cinderella Castle, allowing live the magic of Disney to make dreams come true. 10. Sacramento, California a “. Nothing says a I love you as roses, and fragrant rose garden charm of the International World Peace couples left in a whirlwind romance at sea. After a proposal in the garden sensual, couples can relax in the hotel La Rivage pink champagne and complimentary.


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