Fat Tissue

To fight who has fasted with discipline through the last few weeks, who knows the sport regular body work is, who knows the difference between proteins and carbohydrates and is still with his figure broken, alternatives to unwanted fat deposits searches often alternatives to combat the remaining unwanted fat deposits. Often, only the frustration rises diets followed by a phase of self-discipline, because the reduced fat cells quickly and often expand on the initial findings. Ultimately only reducing the number of existing fat cells in the particular problem area offers lasting success. In addition to the open surgical Fettschurzenextirpation and subsequent abdominal wall plastic the methods of the closed dissection, liposuction (FAT removal), the fat way developed syringe and the selective destruction of fat cells through the application of low-frequency – and high-frequency Ultrasound (ultrasonic fat reduction). Our fat tissue is in different places of the Body form of connective tissue, which is composed of fat cells (adipocytes).

Basic task of fat cells is to store fat in their cell bodies and to release again if necessary. Distinction is made between two forms of adipose tissue with different functions, the white and brown adipose tissue. So, the brown adipose tissue in infants for Thermogenesis plays an important role. Along the Ridge, the rib cage and the large blood vessels, it focuses with about 5 percent of the body weight and protects against hypothermia. The white fat has, however, three important tasks: storage and Depot FAT: our lipid energy reserves. Insulating fat: Fat is a poor conductor of heat, and thus in the subcutaneous tissue (Subcutis) an ideal protection against too rapid heat loss. Building FAT: a mechanical protection, pressure elastic pads on the soles of the feet, joints, organ storage and buttocks, making us all until life and everyday use. Distinctive fat deposits of several Our often unwanted problem areas, however, are centimeters “Layer of fat” abdomen, thighs, hips and below the buttocks.

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