Fast Help For The Hospital-search On The Internet

The portal is a list of all German hospitals and clinics and also provides many helpful information for patients and relatives. If you are looking for a hospital or a clinic in Germany, will find it on the comprehensive web portal with certainty. This portal is a directory of all German hospitals and clinics. The hospital and clinic search is easy: Simply enter a city, state, or zip code or click on the interactive map of Germany on a zip code and you will see a list of all registered hospitals or clinics with contact details, name, address, telephone and Internet address. With the hospital directory can be a patient or a relative, a quick overview of the hospitals and clinics, their services and feel to make such a preselection. In addition, the hospital directory can be used pre-and postprocessing of a clinic visit for the. The portal provides theAreas of “hospital”, “Info-Pool” and “Emergency,” a large number of useful and free information. Who needs to prepare for a hospital stay and in the excitement would not forget anything, which does help as the “Checklist for hospitalization,” which can be found under “Before the admission,” too. Here, the user learns what documents, clothing, toiletries and useful things can be taken to make the hospital stay as pleasant as possible. Also to rights and obligations of patients, it can get support. In addition, this hospital directory provides information about many hospital insurance, retirement home, nursing service, spas, maternal health work, parent and child, relief organizations and living will. supports and assists people searching for themselves or members of a hospital or a clinic or a hospital stayneed to prepare. Media

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