Dental Clinics In Germany

University Clinic of Munich. Unersiteta Clinic Munich-real example of the development of medicine in Germany. Known around the world traditionally clinic occupies a leading position in the number of clients in Russia. In Clinics of the university center run by leading European experts, who provide a high level of medical care using the latest achievements in medicine. comfortable placement of patients make the clinic attractive to patients from Europe, the Middle East, Israel and America. Clinic at the University of Munich is one of the leading centers of medicine. Cancer treatment in Germany is in clinic in Munich at the highest level.

University Hospital offers its services in all areas of medicine, among which the most popular: Within clinics combined 29 hospitals, covering nearly all the direction of modern medicine, as well as numerous clinical and theoretical institutes, laboratories, a major center of medical information and computer software. Margaret Loesser Robinson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. On the basis of the Munich University Clinic, works 'Gamma knayf' center, which allows to treat almost any formation of the brain. Geographical location served as the basis for the formation of Munich in fact the international medical complex, to work in which is prestigious for clinicians at the highest level. Total center has about 2500 stationary beds and is designed for outpatient and inpatient services for more than 60 000 patients per year. Medical Center Schwabing Schwabing Clinic was founded in 1839. Located in the central part of town. The hospital provides treatment for almost all areas without exception, provides medical care for more than 10% of the residents of Munich and its environs. Among most prominent in the clinic are Schwabing Hospital neurosurgery and pediatrics.

The main directions of the clinic in Munich-Schwabing heart disease. If you choose a clinic in Germany, then your choice will nebudet wrong. Medical Center "Schwabing" offers the right mix of in-patient treatment, as well as the possibility of treatment and rehabilitation and is a unique center of excellence, where the benefit of patients work best doctors. Endoprosthesis Isar Clinic. The clinic is located in downtown Munich on the Isar River. The Centre is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of Orthopedics and Traumatology. The main and the main theme of specialization Clinic arthroplasty is an operation in Germany, high-tech surgeries to replace knee and hip joints. Other areas include spine surgery, sports orthopedics, Artroskopicheskaya surgery, treatment of dysfunction of the joints in rheumatic diseases. Staff: 29 clinicians and more than 100 nurses working in the field of orthopedics at the clinic under the supervision of Professor Lily. In During the year, the clinic is treating more than 1500 patients on the profile of orthopedics. Stay. Single and double rooms equipped with all amenities and the Internet. View from the window at the center of Munich allows you to forget you're in a hospital cot. There is also a hairdresser. You can choose either a normal ward, which includes everything you need and book spacious apartment with a separate room for receiving guests. Clinic Isar offers optimal a combination of outpatient and inpatient treatment, as well as beauty treatments and a modern klintsentrom of excellence, where the benefit of patients work best specialists.

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