So-called creative techniques take advantage of often good ideas come at the wandering Apple, a man with a new idea is always Google, E-Bay, and Facebook behind this truly fabulous success stories at the beginning. But what do you need to be creative? “How the work environment must be designed, how manages” to the own ideas and that of the staff? Mindmapping and co. are brainstorming no patent recipe”at the Conference table what sounds like a thunderstorm of Neuron flashes, is a duty with rather moderate output in many offices. As competitive pressures, bosses and colleagues who let voice of the inner censor, as well as the fear of negative comments rarely unexpected, exciting caused by stress factors, which everyone so desperately want. Or, almost worse, all waiting for what the boss says, and praise also scant inroads to the skies. However, the solution to a problem about which we have pondered long in vain flying us quite unexpectedly at the Sorting of socks to, in the shower, on the bike, in bed and elsewhere possible and impossible.

But creativity is not just a coincidence: there are factors that stimulate the activity of the brain regions involved or hinder. Are and remain human individuals: one has his best time in the morning with a cup of tea, the other is warm evening, preferably with cracking loud music. Stress sells the good ghosts like for all complex issues, there no panacea. Everyone must find out for themselves how and when the ideas bubble up. What quite certainly not more creativity of the employees contributes to: stress, a tense atmosphere, time and pressure to succeed, mistrust or fear to the workplace. However, flexible working hours, ways to personalize the workplace, family-friendly offerings like anywhere work, abolish rigid attendance, working in proven teams as well as the transferring of responsibility with those game spaces help to Employees to motivate and get the best out of them.

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