Alstom enters the market for ocean energy to strengthen its position in the field of renewable energy 25/05/2009 – 16:25 – News EUROPAPRESS Barcelona, May 25, 2009 .- Alstom Hydro has entered the market in the Ocean Energy after signing a partnership agreement with the Canadian private company Clean Current Power Systems Incorporated, which specializes in designing and experimenting with technology for tidal energy generation. For its calculation using a mathematical formula that meets the market capitalization and price per number of shares considered for calculation BME-35 of the companies, and applies an adjustment factor in order to ensure that certain operations financial emergency occur in their members do not alter the value of the index.
Firms with greater market capitalization have more weight within the index and its ups and downs affect more in the final movement of the IBEX. This means that when Grupo Santander, Telefonica, BBVA, Iberdrola and Repsol YPF are low, the IBEX has a great concern because they have a great influence on the overall index. Lower your energy costs with a leading energy supplier. So you have to look at the first 6 values of the indices very often and a lot of attention.
The criterion used by BME to include a value in the IBEX 35 is a liquid, understood in terms of volume of contracts, in both euros and orders.
The formula used to calculate the value of the index is: IBEX 35 (t) IBEX 35 (t – 1) -‘Capi (t) / ‘ Capi (t – 1) J where:
t Time of calculation of the index.
c companies included in the index.
S N of shares for the calculation of the value of the index.
P Price of the shares of the Company included in the index at the time (t).
Cap Capital of the Company included in the index, ie (S P).
‘Cap sum of the capitalization of all companies included in the index.
J Number used to adjust the value of the index for capital increases, and so on.

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