Youth Foundation

Social integration and professional qualification of disadvantaged children and young people In the context of the number of projects and initiatives”would like to introduce to the imap Institute the funding by the RWE Youth Foundation. The Foundation supports projects nationwide including to social integration and professional qualification of disadvantaged children and young people. This one targeting people with disabilities, but also projects where children and young people from a migrant background should be supported. 2008 the Foundation funded 23 projects further or new, with a total of 500,000. What projects will be funded? The Foundation supports projects that promote tolerance to other cultures or place an emphasis on education. In addition, the Youth Foundation supports projects that provide training facilities in structurally weak regions, promote young people in volunteering, or aim at the development of initiative and responsibility.

Application deadlines for the current year 2008, the deadline has already expired. However, up to August 31, 2008 new project applications can be submitted for 2009. Up to the end of the period, the applicant in the form of short must present the project, promoters, as well as objectives and management of the project. Please note that the Foundation finances no special events and individual actions and further financed ongoing projects only in a few exceptional cases must here.


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