WordPress Programming

We’re back with another resource to improve your site with wordpress positioning, in this case this tutorial I developed for the electronic newsletter professional manner, I tell you step by step how to setup wordpress routes or url to get friends and move the contents of our sections or entries, in addition to the keywords that we put, for the urls. Shit, but this brings me to improve? I put it up on this blog, and managed to increase my visits to nearly 5mil 3500 and will grow exponentially at a dizzying pace, month by month .. One of the most important issues in the area of web design, is promotion. Why do we need to have a website, if the final few that just seeing it? For that reason, now we’ll see how to optimize one of the tools most widely used open source currently on the scene for creating web blogs. We are talking about WordPress. For those who do not know wordpress, saying in a nutshell, a CMS, free, with which we can generate digital blogs internet. More references here.

In web design issues, one of the things we want to continue, is the natural position of our work. Today we will see how to make friendly urls at wordpress. Will force the indexing of friendly urls (friendly urls) in major search engines. To start we will go to control panel and get to our wordpress permalinks that is in the path permalinks OPTIONS The following options there (DEFAULT, DAY AND NAME, MONTH AND NAME, CUSTOM Number and structure).

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