Winx Club

The good fairies of the winx club we are always happy! Flora and Stella, Musa and Techna, Bloom and Layla – these names are familiar to every child who is interested in fun adventure cute fairies Alfei from school or some other Winx Club. They never cease to amaze fans their new and exciting journeys in the world of magic, has always attracted by its actions, which only aimed at the accomplishment of good and obsession victory over evil forces. Magical powers charmiks, Enchantix, Winx, which have fairies, and help them reach peaks of magic arts to fight evil. Winx fairy tireless in their achievements and eager to help each other, despite the emerging small differences or dissimilarity characters. After all, they have one goal – to help others. People such as actress would likely agree. School in Alfee prepares wonderful witches who enchant and young, and young fans of the School of fairies. Fans brave and noble girls involuntarily become participants in the action taking place in Alfee, and despite the fact that while watching cartoons about Winx Club flies silently, each manages to infiltrate the plot of adventure stories that take place with young and funky fairies.

Each of the Winx girls owned their abilities, so they are subject and the forces of nature and the power of fire, and the power of music, as in Leyla is the power of morphine, the Stella – the power of the sun and moon, the Techny – force technology. Exactly what every fairy abilities, splochaet them in a friendly team of winx club, which is able to defeat the evil Trix, and other powerful and insidious creatures. Despite the fact that good girls have to contend with strong opponents, the good sorceress in every battle to win and gain a reward Enchantix and charmiks. The fight only quenched their causes and to obtain new skills in their difficult but important task. Young fans 'School of witches' and club, because the new cartoon series "School of witches' just around the corner!


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