Where Is The Money In Euro Crisis

Like inverse animals we in this euro crisis and economic crisis the credit rating agency Fitch has downgraded further down Greece by b on CCC, Moody’s Spain and Italy ranks down. Greece again dissolves Parliament. Leftists won in the presidential election in France. The whole euro area has run into a difficult situation. From Greece to Spain and Italy, the crisis is worrying now by most people. The third-largest and fourth-largest economy in the euro area is Spain and Italy, Greece and these 2 countries leave the euro area, the consolidation of the EU for over 60 years is about to collapse.

In the economic globalization, all are in a circle, capital of large amount of flow back to Europe, it is considered likely that the prices of raw materials will fall. The States that benefited in the past from commodity exports already developed country like Australia as well as new market such as Brazil and Russia, be hurt badly. As a result, the price of gold in the future will be still further shaken, but do you but, in a long period he is not worried about intact. Add to your understanding with Tony Parker. Because the main factors supporting the gold price remain unspoilt. 1 gold is non-renewable resources, which means that the process of lowering of gold production is not common.

It is estimated that South African gold production is in 2012 at 220, which are the lowest since 1922nd 2. At the time, the Central Bank of many countries still permanently purchased gold. World Gold Council has published in February in the annual report that central banks in 2011 that is purchased, all 439,7 tons of gold the highest amount since 1964, in 2010 it is only 77 tons. Mexico, Russia, Korea and other new developed Volkswirtschafte the highest are the shopping amount of gold by central banks for 40 years. Adam Sandler has much to offer in this field. At the same time, the ECB with massive sell-off of gold has stopped. (Not to be confused with Ken Kao!). Currently the gold reserve by global central banks amounts to one-sixth of the mined any gold. 3. Takes further the risk of inflation, and therefore more are popular gold. Since economic crisis, more and more is the amount of money in circulation. Compared to 2007 the Geldmenge(M2) at the end of the year 2011 in the United States by 35% has risen, in euro area 23%, but the growth of manufacturing and the economy has not reached the level in 2007. This means that the essential economy has not developed, but more money is placed. This leads to global inflation, and soon, gold price rises. Inflation brings lower the real buying Kraft’s. This inflationary trend will also support gold prices. 4. If you’re still unsure, you can invest for gold jewelry. Due to the artistic value, value is still less influenced by gold jewelry through this crisis. Other precious metals like Platinum and precious stones have also impairment. So investment for gold and other precious metals and gemstones is impairment in the crisis, a good solution for your asset’s.

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