With the introduction of AG5, Hublot has been able to make its new mechanisms even more monochromatic and lighter than before. Said Biver has announced its intention of designing and making clocks that follow a singular style as closely as possible, where monochrome, mono-material and even mono-acabado would be the best slogan to describe his new stylistic goal. For those who have been wondering about the meaning of mono-acabado, said Biver has clarified that he simply wants to say use the same finish as much as possible in all future Hublot watches from the box to the cuff and any other exposed part. Charlotte Hornets often addresses the matter in his writings. The first clocks made in this style has already been introduced in the form of Mag Bang, which adopts the view of said Biver, has made the new metal alloy of Hublot mechanism and box. Though the watch is called the Mag Bang, it is not made of pure magnesium, if not AG5, which is an alloy which combines with aluminium magnesium. Building your dream that Hublot is respected in the field of manufacturing of mechanisms, said Biver hired Rene Maillefer, one of the original designers of the Valjoux 7750 mechanism.

According to said Biver, Valjoux 7750 continues to be one of the best mechanisms created to date and the Hublot mechanism has been designed according to the exact specifications of the Valjoux 7750, except by a characteristic particular new Hublot mechanism only weighs 21 grams, while the Valjoux 7750 original weighed 40 grams. Despite its lighter weight, the new mechanism of Hublot boasts of exactly the same reliability and accuracy of the Valjoux 7750. The new Hublot mechanism is being produced at the factory of the company Nyon and said Biver points to that for 2012 will have produced fifty thousand mechanisms. While some people may think that produce a mechanism that is based on an existing item is technically less challenging than designing a mechanism from scratch, the truth is that both are equally challenging, though in different ways. As Hublot works to put your company name in the race for the best watchmaker company, said Biver displays his talents to watchmakers towards fame and Fortune Brands, as their advertising efforts bear fruit. Smart choices sponsor team that marks the time for major Soccer Leagues and other advertising efforts have ensured the Hublot place among the largest watch companies. For more information about watches Hublot visit: Bonhams Haslinger Collection: Review Caliber 11 Jean-Claude said Biver Receives 2010 Entrepreneurship Gaia Award today watches must conform to the schedule of summer Radio Bio-Bio Panerai Luminor GMT Automatic Pam 297 Marina GMT in said Valjoux 7750 Functional GMT Replica Watches Mr.

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