War Movies

Because of what is so great popularity of movies about the war? And why the well-known parameters of world cinema have worked on this theme: Kubrick, Verhoeven, Spielberg, Wilder, Stone and other equally famous directors? For humanity war – this litmus for the internal state of human touch on the war you, and you'll feel inside of you lye or acid eating away … Life in the war – it is understood that this time – as the last, when the sense of enhanced so that sometimes the hero loses sensitivity to the feelings and sensations, and his whole world looks like a cloudy mirror, in which he sees a shadowy reality. War – an excellent material for biographical stories and dramas. What else besides walking on the edge of death, compels a person to show themselves? And no matter who will be a character movie gunner, POW, a pilot or a tanker … The main theme is still the man himself.

What if This inside him … Helplessness? Blindness? Hatred? Fear? As he makes his mind work? Where is the boundary by going that everything is permitted? As it is abstracted from the outside, and caused not their lives, when murder is not a crime. And what will happen then to those who took it all … 'Farewell to Arms, "" Alpine Ballad', 'Platoon', 'The Dawns Here Are Quiet', 'Come and see' – great masterpieces of world cinema and books on filmmaking. Films War – it's almost always a spectacle, because this film genre is one of the most expensive. It requires the extras, consultants, fireworks, decorations, costumes, and that is quite a large amount.

View such military movies in the 'rag' as online, it's like eating caviar with a spoon and dirty grit sand. Mutilate themselves unfit impression from the movie audio, translation or dubbing here unsuitable. You can download the movies in the military quality, which will fully immerse themselves in the film. Download a military band – the only way to get interested can meet from direct contact with the director's intention. To the great Unfortunately, recent history and the history of XX century gave the filmmakers a lot of ways to script and stage for current events: Afgan, the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War, Chechnya, Europe in the First World, China, genocide, many smaller conflicts and resistance. To feel what it means, you just need to download the movies about World War II, or choose to download the tape from a long list from almost any source hostilities. Clearly, this story will be passed through the filter of fantasy, ideas, hopes, and calls for the director and thought, as any individual, the author's opinion – he will not be entirely objective. However, sensible thinking people about the events that formed the basis of historical twists, combined with the artistic delights of masters at all times was the 'lure' for moviegoers, the connoisseurs of cinema history and those who are involved in those events, who they have a – a sullen look.

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