The Reading

I keep them I can find where them, but I use rare them. Providing to a child who it creates I inhabit it of the reading is a task that must also involve inhabits it of that it coexists. The infantile universe is full of make-of-counts and the child always leads for imaginary its real world. From there the importance of that since small they are stimulated lands on water books as form to stimulate its creative potential. In this process it is of utmost importance that the first books are those most resistant ones, so that the child can explore them of all the forms that interest will have. Comumente we see parents calling the attention the small ones that so that they do not make bad use of books, as not to scratch out, to knead or to tear. But as the child anger to like a material and if to tie it if will not be able to keep it next or to use it in what he generates pleasure, with things that already obtain to make? So that the child feels itself involved for books is important that she can ahead reveal its will of the same ones, being able to write in its pages the history of the form that same it imagines, with scribble or drawing, that exactly is having meant for has it to the adult for the child. To the few the small one goes internalizando the concepts of history beyond opening it to it possibility to recount it of its jeitinho, in accordance with its age and capacity, leading? to the o enrichment of the imagination, the creativity and the language. It is important also that the child if takes a good listener, who it has conditions to participate of moments of history narration, either for the parents, involved people in its educative process or still in bookstores, theater.


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