Technology ADSL

Other dsl technologies include hdsl (High data rate Digital Subscriber Line – High-speed Digital Subscriber Line), vdsl (Very high data rate Digital Subscriber Line – very high digital subscriber line), and others. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sean Rad, New York City offers on the topic.. General name for dsl technologies emerged in 1989 when I first got the idea to use analog-digital conversion at the subscriber end of the line, which would improve the technology of data transmission over twisted pair copper telephone wires. adsl technology has been developed to ensure high-speed (one might even say megabit) to access interactive video services (video on demand, video games, etc.) and at least fast data transfer (Internet access, remote access to LANs and other networks). So what is adsl? First of all, adsl is a technology that allows to transform a twisted pair telephone wires in a tract of high-speed data transmission.

adsl line connects two modem adsl, which are connected to each end of Twisted Pair telephone cable (see Figure 1). In this case, organized three information channels – ‘downward’ flow of data ‘upward’ flow of data and channel the regular telephone line (POTS) (see Figure 2). Channel telephone stands, using filters, which guarantees the performance of your phone even if the accident connection adsl. Figure 1. Scheme of the adsl connection.


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