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The Luxury

The student is attentive at all times, view the direction to the information received, articulates the information that receives and considers what to do with it in their own future. A truly educated person has the ability to make changes that circumstances force you. Education teaches the ability to create and discard data when they are no longer operating. Education teaches to think. The big national problems such as insecurity, corruption, impunity, poverty, are the result of a long process of domestication. Much of society is governed under the principle of authority.The spirit of service is absent. The transformation of this society is impossible in the short term because both one as others we abide by already preset patterns of behavior the only way with which we can break with the fatalistic destiny of the nation is educating new generations in a different way. Eliminating all feature of domestication. Need not wait to come a new Savior of the motherland and do the work for you to us you can now start first can distinguish education from domestication look for a school for their children who more you get closer to the ideal of education don’t be fooled by advertising that make private schools when they tell us that they have highly qualified teachers, academic excellence, Jazz workshops, oratory, swimming, drawing, painting, etc. And so many other things that in reality does not correspond to reality. Not be fooled by the luxury of the facilities the indicator most important is that students who are enrolled there are happy children of single tomorrow may be the result of the integration of the team formed by parents, by teachers and the school officials the indispensable that all schools develop linkages with society in such a way that they arrive to learn about and that in the future they can contribute to your desirable is transformation that each school of all levels to develop their own media to have tuned to all teachers, parents and students of everything that happens in the school through these means can detect the needs of the school, educational innovations, and solutions to problems and the participation of all stakeholders can be generated in the educational process original author and source of the article.