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President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa

Monterrey, N.l., Mexico. Nearly 20 years of privatization of telephones of Mexico that led to Carlos Slim to climb the ranking of the richest men in the planet, the National Chamber of the industry of telecommunications by Cable, Canitec, accused him publicly of sobrecobros by 100 billion pesos. Who challenges to Slim? It was the original cover of the second edition of RegioNegocios, the magazine that I edit in Monterrey, when unfolding published in the national print media on 11 March, answered our primary header. Battleship with a heavy champion of the world boxing Council belt, Slim tried to recompose the picture that abollo his Crown when I paint with black brushstrokes the ahead of the Mexican economy and topped with the now famous phrase… without being catastrophists. On the eve the President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa had called Mexicans to avoid becoming catastrophic, why the tone of the second richest man in the world, upset – even more than Billy Gates – in the Pines. Now, entrepreneurs from the sector publicly accuse Slim sobrecobro Helu by 100 billion pesos in calls to cell phone and long distance. But they say nothing of cents that remain in public telephone cards or calls that charge unless there is a link between cell phone and cell phone. The amount must be much-very-superior to what Canitec said. The brave unfolded of cablelaying, is an undeniable challenge of public complaint. DIVIDE, not NATIONALIZE follow impossible to hide conflict between President Felipe Calderon promised to combat monopolies, and Carlos Slim begins to speak of a nationalization. Telephone rates are more expensive in Mexico than in any other country. United States has broken the telephony and petroleum monopolies. The giant Standard Oil and the Bell were divided into four large companies. The conflict between Slim and Calderon raises tone and the Mexican authorities have not granted concession to Telmex to transmit television over their networks. Although autodescarto, analyst international financiers believe that Slim is enlisted to find Banamex with what would be the largest bank in Mexico. Professional journalist specialized in economy and finance that analyzes money and its impact on our lives in their various activities and modalities. A column of life and money. You can visit me at. regionegocios. com mx Blogs related Journal Digital Puntonueve motorcyclist injured in Los Pinos citizen access mining Royalty: do sovereigns or valets of the El Tio Carlos: The Richest Man in the World? Blog New York La Sala II of the Chamber of Cassation suspended DNA analysis with makeup figures starts the campaign politics from los PINOS much money in the Bank large companies have Blog with investment in Internet advertising will surpass the media digital media is imposed to print media in the us .: Wawis:. Asus will sell four large Teatro Los Pinos 3D-compatible monitors Blog Archive renting the theater for events.