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Salsa Festivals

Fernando Zapata at the Summer Salsa equals invited in August Berlin Festival and dance teacher known for the Salsafestival “La Palma” in Chemnitz show dancer, choreographer and international Fernando Zapata (Colombia) 2 international salsa festivals. Give next weekend, he is at the Summer Salsa Festival Berlin a workshop in Salsango”. Salsango”is a creative fusion of elements of salsa and Tango Argentino, which depending on the salsa to the elegant, flowing figures and ornaments of the Tango Argentino enriched according to which music to dance or the tango to expressive rotations, figures and combinations of salsa. This game kind of both dances dominate very few dancers international and plays a role by the way again in the dance school program by Fernando Zapata. When the Salsafestival La Palma”in Chemnitz from 15-17 August 2008 Fernando Zapata to pass equal his skill and knowledge in addition to a show performance at the evening ball at 3 workshops, one in salsa acrobatics. Salsa acrobatics is a particularly effective game way to dance Salsa figures and combinations, which is borrowed from the show dance. The participants are amazed at how easily you can enrich his dancing to special characters, but also realize that what onstage at the pros easily looks, is often not only dance training to achieve, but requires also lots of power and athleticism.

As Fernando is usual, however, use his skills and his experience to participants in the workshop will show a way, how you sit with a few tricks on the dance floor beyond the usual Tanzschul combinations in scene. More and additional information at. i.A. Karsten Hambali email: here please also requests, background information, images and other material.