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Preparing Delicious And Hearty Salad

Mainly used raw in salads and cooked vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, turnips, celery, carrots, cabbage, turnips, beets, peas, etc. Of fruit is most often used apples, oranges, lemons, bananas. So it is useful in salads cranberry, plum, grape. To make the salad, they are well combined with other products, fruits should be cleaned from skin and bones, then chop. To prepare a tasty salad, should be picked ripe fruits and vegetables of good quality, and believe me it's not so tricky cooking.

All vegetable ingredients of the future need to wash dishes in cold water, and if necessary, boil without clearing from peel. It is important that fruit and vegetables in the salad were good chop, finely chopped or grated. To make the salad to make a spicy, unique flavor, one should not neglect the spices, condiments and spices. Use the pepper, onion, garlic, parsley, horseradish, dill, celery, while retaining a sense of proportion. You should not fill the prepared salads for 2-3 hours before serving – so they lose their flavor and vitamins, even if stored in the refrigerator. Salt and fill the best salads just before serving. Be original.

And the festive feast, and in the usual menu of our daily diet invariably present salads. These dishes have become familiar, popular, loved by all. However, when it comes to reception, every woman seeking something to surprise them, hit her cooking abilities. And there is not necessarily invent any new iinteresnye recipes. Moreover, that the visit is better not to experiment.