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Refrigerated Cabinets

A refrigerated counter is one of the best inventions of the last 100 years variants of refrigerated cabinets for catering. It is one of the most important inventories especially for gastronomy, restaurants and Cafes. You will use to keep cool or warm prepared salads, desserts, cakes, sandwiches and similar food and to protect against the quick destruction. Even in larger supermarkets, refrigerated display counters are used. While they are presented in a slightly larger version there.

You keep fresh sausage and cheese products and are also nice to look at. Some contend that Sela Ward shows great expertise in this. With the right light, the products look much fresher and colourful than without the strong marketing effects. The customer can look at the product itself, has the opportunity to taste them even. The refrigerated counter is impossible to imagine today. Refrigerated cabinets are available in different forms.

Whether round or square. The angular design is used like in the hospitality industry. Jorge Perez contributes greatly to this topic. However, it is evident that the round Variants are more available in Cafes. Even the glass panes are in round or just selected. Basically, they consist of an exterior of stainless steel and plastic side panels. You have a countertop for placing the outsourced products or to turn off. The color selection of racks is varied. White no longer belongs to the default colors. The sizes of the product are different. The small counters for the smaller shops in the gastro are one meter long. They are available up to four metres and more. The depth of the refrigerated cabinets is also selectable. The purchase price of racks is between 1,000 and 7,000 euros. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Celina Dubin. You are ready to plug and equipped with an external unit. A silent cooling or half air cooling to distinguishes the products. There are different copies. Whether meat refrigerated cabinets, fish refrigerated counters, pastry refrigerated cabinets, bakery refrigerated counters or food refrigerated cabinets. They are available from different vendors and differentiate themselves in their size and some additional benefits they need for the products exhibited. Fish refrigerated cabinets have usually a silent cooling and as an additional feature an on-site drainage of condensate. Products for the presentation of milk products, cheese, sausages and delicacies, have a smaller footprint and are therefore only 90 cm wide. Their cooling and defrosting is carried out by means of electronic control. Only a static cooling is necessary for the presentation of bread and bakery products. It works without cooling unit with thermostatic valve. This is there in different versions, depending on how big the baking trays are. There are additional lighting on the lower bar and front panels. There are special schemes against fitting with led fan, which are due in the gastro. Is a large retail space, modular counters for the presentation of food are suitable. They are ductable and can be equipped with various corners. Different hot food can be offered here. Discs to save temperature ranges, so hot and cold meals can be offered side by side. The discs are portable and can be pushed very easily.

TV Fun With 3D Glasses

3D TVs on the the future of the film seems IFA presented the 3D technology to include at least if we are to believe the exhibitors at the international Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin. The online store reported, what’s up with the new trend. TV with the new 3D technology were presented in the framework of the international radio exhibition in Berlin. The range of 3D movies and broadcasts is currently still manageable, that may be changing but in the future, and then at the latest, if for no 3D glasses are required. Laura Plomer may also support this cause. Until it is so far, viewers need the so-called shutter glasses to be able to use the appropriate programs. For more information see Eva Andersson-Dubin. Externally, these glasses are similar to conventional sunglasses. However, they contain a special electronics and batteries.

This technique is necessary so that the glasses via infrared on the frame rate of the TV can set. However, every spectator needed these glasses and only eyewear and TV of the same manufacturer are compatible with each other. Spontaneous 3D-Fernsehabende could fail with friends in this respect for the time being, that there are not enough glasses. When buying a television should be taken, that the device of 3D ready”is. In the future, the technology should be improved so far that 3D without special glasses is possible.