Successful Film Festival

More than 1300 visitors in Hamburg at cinema action Hamburg, February 24, 2009 – the most successful film festival in Hamburg comes to an end. More than 1300 visitors discussed at the 3rd Film Festival “of power” in the Hanseatic City in the Metropolis”cinema on the films of the nationwide immigrant cinema action of The voluntary exchange of Hamburg was during the Festival with their information stand on the ground and informed about possibilities of volunteering in the metropolitan area. The film sponsorships of the volunteer exchange were through a colorful program of rock front”and Hamburg and candidates to the European Parliament Knut Fleckenstein accompanied a panel discussion of the Managing Director of ASB. “Project leader of the volunteer Exchange Hamburg Bernd p.

Holst: special thanks to the volunteers who helped us at the Festival, and without that so time-intensive tasks are not.” The good cooperation with the Managing Director of the metropolis cinema Martin Aust for future joint projects, so get excited. The Voluntary exchange Hamburg could be witness, as a variety of different groups from the area of the so-called non government organisations can accompany civic engagement.” For the first time, there was school events where entire classes to performances were invited. So we have picked this film festival here again in Hamburg in a different, positive dimension, so Holst.Weitere information about the Hamburg film festival, see. Text: Manuela Rani Sanjeev contact and more information: Bernd p. Holst project management volunteer Exchange Hamburg Tel. 040411886-900 email:


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