Street Piraputanga

The ranks of the props in the place were in February of 2009, had been demarcated five points being in the following places: (1 and 2) in the entrance of the Street Piraputanga; (3) beginning in the headboard next the fall to the water; (4) in the left lateral of the soil erosion; (5) in the right lateral of the soil erosion. – Third stage; we return in the study area, for more (06) six times that I assist with it of a trena we measure the distances of the props with regard to the edge of the soil erosion with the intention to observe and to write down the occured alterations after the ranks of the same ones. Therefore, in the third phase, analysis of the collections of data, and the work was developed as a whole, giving subsidies for the elaboration of the monograph. 3,1 MONITORAMENTO OF SOIL EROSION. According to War (2002), the monitoramento is made from the evolution of the soil erosion leading in account its expansion space as in such a way secular. Rain is associated with the expansion of this phenomenon being one of the main factors of evolution of a soil erosion. In accordance with the same author must itself first be located the soil erosion in a topographical letter, second to delimit placing it some props to its redor keeping certain distance one of the others, these props must be confectioned of preference in wood and be embedded 30 cm of depth in the ground, and third the had positions of the props become the notations in the field passbook demarcating and to return to each four months not necessarily, depending on the index of the rain of the region can become notations and visits more times, being that the measures must be made of the edge of the soil erosion tie the props for then evaluating the evolution of the same one.


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