Stained Glass

Production technologies for lead Profile oldest technique of so-called classical soldering stained glass meant fixing stained glass in lead H-shaped profiles. They were cast and curved along the contour of each piece of glass and solder together. Today this method is not used very often because of low strength, but instead of lead can be used brass, copper or aluminum. Method Tiffani Tiffany>, named for its inventor , involves soldering stained glass, pre- wrapped around the perimeter of the copper foil tape. It allows you to connect the glass in different planes, making stained glass interior.

In addition, through this method an opportunity to connect, even very small-sized glass. In this line of adhesions formed a beautiful ornate patterns that have become trademark "Tiffany>>. Fusing Fusing technology called sintering glass. To begin drawing the future of the stained glass is laid out in color slices and whole grains on a glass panel, after which it was placed in an oven. Here, at temperatures above 800 degrees pieces are sintered to the substrate together. You can get extensive, tissue, and slightly convex image different texture and thickness. Art painting as the basis for the figure used glass panel. Picture itself is performed by special stained glass paints that do not require subsequent firing.

Advantage this technology is that it allows you to design any complexity. Film (polymer) technology of the future pattern of stained glass is created on the glass-based with color film, the joints are denoted broaches, imitating metal profile of traditional stained glass. Membrane technology offers great opportunities for creativity. Stained glass windows in opens limitless possibilities for design interiors. Stained glass walls as decor thanks to its lightness and transparency, walls of stained glass miss sunshine, placing color accents and making the space open. Stained glass Stained glass in the door as part of the decor doors accentuate the individual style and refined taste of the owner. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Arnell, New York. Stained glass in the windows of stained glass in the windows will create a special atmosphere in the room: Colour sunlight in bright colors will add originality or accentuate its style. Stained glass Stained glass in furniture can add zest to any piece of furniture, decorating its elegant mosaic of colored glass. Stained glass ceiling stained glass ceiling – it's a real luxury item. It will attract attention and effectively emphasize the dignity of the interior. Stained glass decoration on mirror Mirror with stained glass accents worthy of a decoration of the palace. Stained glass decoration on the mirrors accentuate the status of the homeowner and give the interior refinement. Stained Glass, who came to us from ancient ages, can completely transform the space around them. Even a small lamp with a shade of glass mosaics will create a cozy atmosphere in the house and give interior expression. Stained glass is ideal for expensive luxury interiors and small apartments. He plays with light, pouring different hues, creating a grand or intimate atmosphere. Today stained glass can be found everywhere, and wherever he appeared, he will always attract admiring glances.

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