Special Festivals

International festivals and recipes on our world live millions of people who have different nationalities and celebrate customs. Festivals are the only commonality that unites all and should be particularly fun. American independence day is the fourth of July. On this day, America’s birthday is celebrated as a free and independent nation. Anywhere you see the American flag and large fireworks on this day. Also, concerts and picnics today mark this festival.

The Chinese new year Festival is not celebrated in Europe at the end of the year. The Chinese are based on the Lunisorkalender. The new year Festival is held between January 21 and February 21. Just like all the other people on the Earth, the Chinese celebrate new year on this day. Fireworks, Dragon and lion dances are customs. the zelebrien this festival. As well, it is accompanied by mahjong – games.

Christmas and thus the birth of Jesus is celebrated in Russia on 6th January. Most Russians already present new year’s Eve, so there is usually Christmas no Christmas present. On this day most Russians to the worship in the Church and then celebrate in the family circle further. One of the most important festivals for the German population, is Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on the 24th of December. On this day, some people in the Church go or celebrate at home with a Christmas tree and eating. For many people, but not alone this day is especially, but the entire advent season in December. You can browse Christmas new recipes for cookies, for example, on the Internet at Cooking Forum. Finally, I would like to everyone have fun at the celebrate wish.

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