Solo career

From the year 1979, while studying in Boston, Quintero began his solo career, singing and composing his own pieces, while developing in parallel to performing his job, a fact that led to the realization of their first LP, “Night and Con Little Light “(1980), recorded in Rhode Island, whose theme promotional song for you, was a great success, allowing you to enter the taste of the masses and to build their careers.
In August 1980, Quintero was presented Poliedro in Caracas with his band in Boston, becoming the first Venezuelan pop singer who is only in this scene and managed to fill. Similarly, in the same year, Zildjian Cymbals, firm dedicated to the manufacturing of cymbals for percussion instruments, and contract the image of their products, business performance with that firm until 1992.
During the series of concerts Berklee Music Festival, 1981, called Berklee Concert Series Award 1981, the group won first prize for best Banda and Frank Quintero won the prize “Buddy Rich” as the best drummer in the concert series Boston. Similarly, it is present in several U.S. cities as Atlanta, New Jersey and others. Also in that same year, Quintero was presented at the 300 million Spanish Television (TVE), which was broadcast throughout Latin America, and also attained his independent production company: Mrs. Moon.
Similarly, during this period, a constant work performed as a soloist and recorded the albums “Music and Lyrics” (1981) ‘compilation which brought the issue only Vanessa “and” Birds and Stars “(1981), all with the company CBS . The latter broke the production style of the album “Night and Low Light,” which included only an instrumental theme, had less influence in the jazz genre in general and had a greater tendency towards the subjects vocalized and pop.
In 1982, he obtained at Berklee music titles performing on drums and producer, in the words professional musicians. This year he returns to his country with the intention to continue extending their professional lives, while continuing in a sporadic way traveling to Los Angeles and New York for the same purpose. In the words of the artist himself: “I graduated as a professional musician, maybe because they look a lot … look … look percussion guitar, drums, piano, singing, harmony, composition, production, arrangements, direction …”
In 1984 he released the album “Through My Eyes”, the first album recorded entirely in his career in two different studies: Normandy Sound Studios, in the United States, and One Audio Studios in Caracas. It was produced by Frank and Leo Quintero for Mrs. Moon Productions, and it is extracted for the radial item girl 80, I dream of her, and Gentil Delicado and Brazil, which led him to make his third trip to Venezuela.
Then in 1985, Frank Quintero signed contract with the company in Venezuela Sonorodven record, entering a part of the staff of the company of singers, alongside Jorge Aguilar, Pablo Manavell, Karina, Kiara, Melissa, Ricardo Montaner, and Guillermo Carrasco other, then taking a trip to the United States to record his sixth long term, the leading name in “La Calle del Atardecer”. The high rate of promotions received this material from the record company and management style that in this LP, it became a major success, as most of the subjects were irradiated. This produced a high level of sales that made him the most far-reaching commercial album in the career of Frank Quintero: received by a gold disc and then one of platinum. Also allowed it to conduct its fourth national tour, in which it was first presented at the Aula Magna of the Central University of Venezuela, on December 16, 1986. Similarly, two of the themes of the disc included in the soundtrack of the movie “La Generacion Halley, made by Thaelman Urgell in the same year, in addition to another item that is not part of any of the albums that make up its production : The Theme of Love for Sonia.
Since then, the sequence kept Quintero-recording-touring recording across different disks made for the label Sonorodven (emphasis on the tours conducted during the months of August and September 1989 in Venezuela with that of Ilan Chester was given the name “Friends in Concert”), along with resume its activities as a producer and composer for other artists, as a variety of projects for artists from different labels, which work in the area remained approximately three years. At this stage led to Kiara (Rodven ‘1987), Guillermo Carrasco (Rodven’ 1988), Tokyo (Rodven ‘1989), 20-20 (SPI’ 1988), Delia (EMI ‘1988), Fernando and Juan Carlos (sonographic’ 1987), Paul Gillman (Rodven ‘1988) (work done by the collaboration with Leo Quintero Frank Quintero) and Sandino (Hecho a Mano Records’ 1998).
In late August 1990 while on a promotional tour of the single disc “Buscando Soles,” Quintero’s decision to leave their country and settle in Los Angeles, United States, a decision that took place that year.

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