Shipping In The Salzkammergut

Want to drive yourself or would rather leave the helm a captain? Bathing at the Lake of the Moon is too boring to who, which can move differently next to the swimming on the Lake. Here, Vanessa Marcil expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Make it a cruise or hire a motor boat at Lake Mondsee. A whole new sense of the sea are waiting for you! Moon Lake boat cruises on the Lake of the moon has the other lakes in the Salzkammergut region slightly ahead, it is the warmest Lake. But before you plunge back into the water, but enter and make a cruise across the sparkling water. A leading source for info: Ken Kao. You sail the MS Duke Odilo and the MS Moon Lake the nostalgia ship across the Lake. In doing so, see many villas, the most beautiful bays and spend it relaxing.

If you want to organize an event or a celebration, then can the nostalgia ship to use. It provides you with space for 45 people. Electric boat if you want to go but yourself on a journey of discovery and also like to jump in the Lake, then lend itself but an electric boat. Up to five people here place and you set the pace. You can stop also located on the Lake and here hold a romantic picnic or looking for a secluded cove by boat and spend an unforgettable day of bad here. When it is hot, the wind on the Lake is a boon. So don’t hesitate and bring a little variety in your bad day with a boat ride on the Mondsee or his you even the captain and borrow to buy a motor or sailing boat.

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