Sacred Moment

Entardecer cause always in me a effect of extreme peace. Pure magic, in which my not indescritveis feelings for words. It is certainly the hour where I am really more I of what in any hour of the day. The magical moment of the twilight. The day of the place at night. The light of the place to ' trevas' they are the opposing points, the contrasts, being that, in my opinion, one would not exist without the other. It also has a dependence, not only enters these, as all the excessively opposing existing in the Mother Nature.

What it would be of music if did not have the pauses, where silence if makes necessary so that let us can appreciate the meldica line, the musical phrase? E, after the pause, returns notes, one to one in simple sequential exposition or chords, or juxtaposition of the same ones, or arpejos and everything more than the inspired composer wrote in the pentagrama but without doing without the silence that the pauses mean If to the piano, two hands to touch (as example) can be Bach, with its ' ' Cravo Well Temperado' ' , with ' ' Invenes' ' the two, the three, and even though the four voices The two hands of the pianista on the cold ivory keyboard, seem however to dialogue, however ' conversar' , however even though ' repetir' sounds one of the other, direct or in sequence inverse but always the pauses occur and give still more beauty to the existing beauty already. The sound and its absence (pauses), are necessary so that let us can appreciate the beauty, as much of one singela melody how much of the most intricate forms of compositions. I discoursed on music (sounds and pauses), therefore is of the arts, the one that more the soul touches me.


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