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And, actually, why use paints for painting plastic, if it is possible to carry out painting the plastic in bulk? Indeed, in most cases the color of plastic mass is achieved in excellent decorative and durability, however: Not all plastics allow for color in mass. A number of plastic does not allow for color in mass. The reasons are different. First, you can not obtain the required decoration, for example, the intensity of color or gloss. Secondly, the introduction of a sufficiently large number of dyes leads to structural changes in the chemical nature of plastic, which negatively affects its physical properties.

Economically advantageous to carry out painting the surface of the plastic. When comparing the cost of painting in a mass of colors and in most cases because of the high cost of dyes in an advantageous position is the second option. If you plan to further stain the surface, there is no need to use expensive grade of plastic with a high and stable optical performance. Moreover, there is attractive possibility for the use of highly decorative products recycled plastic, this is the rare case when both the economy and ecology speak “for”. Of practice can give you an examplepaint for PVC Profile plastic windows and doors. Polyvinyl easily dyed in the mass, but due to a number of economic reasons it is not profitable.

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