Rieskrater Amp

Austrian quality in youth and family tourism in Bavaria on course for success In September 2007 have opened the youth & family gaestehaeuser its first location beyond the Austrian borders in Nordlingen to the romantic road. An important step for the Organization, which has evolved with much spirit of innovation and originality in the tradition of the youth hostels to the market leader in the Austrian youth and family tourism. Many guests from all over Europe have the youth & family Gastehaus found their way to Nordlingen and inspired by the offer of the House and the beautiful city can be. Filed under: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. “By the young family who finds herself up for a trip to LEGOLAND here, up to the school, in the school programme developed specially by the youth & family gaestehaeusern deep impact” learns how did the Moon stone in the Rieskrater, or find all the matching of the large group, which uses the House for training courses and seminars in the youth & family guesthouse Nordlingen Offer. Gerhard Wendl, Board member of the youth & family gaestehaeuser, draws positive conclusion about the development of the site now, after a year in Bavaria, and expects an overall successful year for the House: our affordable, high-quality youth – and family tourism, with which we are successful for over 15 years in Austria, is also here in Germany very well accepted. Around our House this year 15,000 guests with more than 30,000 nights will come in addition to Nordlingen.” The substantive concept of the House is – tuned on the region of the Ries, whose circular Krater was formed about 15 million years ago a meteorite crater – dominated the planet. At the first step in the spacious hall, the world of the planets welcomes guests and planet everything is devoted to them here: from the colour and agreed with materials on the planet rooms to the planet garden up to the cosy meteorite cafe with daily changing colour moods or the according to the Star colors designed workshop rooms.

Even at mealtimes, the stars have their influence: every day in the youth & family Gastehaus is dedicated to another planet and this is reflected also in the preparation of the dishes. At the breakfast buffet, Star fans the stars find associated breads and foods. The medieval city is here everywhere to be seen. So the House right next to the perfectly preserved medieval city walls is a private Tower included. Here a historical journey through time can result in large and small adventurers at the Knight dinner or Knight – birthday in the middle ages. In the glass-enclosed Studio rooms of the House, a fantastic views of the romantic medieval city to dream invites and offers the perfect conditions for creative work. And who wants to learn in detail about the origin and history of the region in the Ries, find opportunity in the in-house Geopark information centre.

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