The questionnaires can be classified in three categories: ' ' questionnaires of closed questions, questionnaires of open questions and questionnaires that combine both the types of questions. these types of instruments play the functions to describe the characteristics and measure definitive 0 variable of a group social.' ' (RICHARDSON, 2002, P. 190). In the here described case, we opt to a questionnaire of opened questions, since a bigger elaboration of the opinions of the interviewed ones is intended. The above-mentioned author still admits, the advantages of the opened questions, but at the same time he also admits some disadvantages: ' ' One of the advantages of the open questions is the possibility of the interviewed one to answer with more freedom, not being restricted to mark one or another alternative. This aid very the researcher when it has little information or wants to know one assunto.uma great disadvantage is the difficulty of classification and codificao' ' (RICHARDSON, 2002, P. 195). In this manner, we will break for the analysis of the data gotten through the interview and of the questionnaire, having considered the opinion of some authors, at the same time where we inside relate its ideas with the perspectives of the inclusion of the pertaining to school scene.

2. CHARACTERIZING the STATE SCHOOL PROFESSOR DIOMEDES SAINTS DA SILVA the school in question is located in the Set Fernando Collor de Melo, in the city of Ours Lady of the Aid, in this state. He was established to take care of to a clientele of four pupils the six years of age, being nominated as Preschool Professor ' ' Diomedes Saints Da Silva ' '. With the increasing demand and the municipalizao of preschool education, the institution was turned toward the attendance of the educandos of the initial series. In this manner, currently, the school takes care of the pupils of the first one to the fifth year of basic education.


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