Presidential Elections (2005)

For the 2005 presidential elections, there were five pre: Tomas Moulian (independent of the Communist Party), Tomas Hirsch (Humanist Party), Manuel Jacques (Izquierda Cristiana), Nicolas Garcia Moreno (Block for socialism) and Julian Alcayaga (Comite Copper for the Defense).
Tomas Hirsch
They were great at one point Jorge Pavez Democratic and Social Power, who retired because it would not be democratic elections to elect a candidate of the 5. We then withdrew the Movement Surda.
Finally, after a process of discussing the parties declined to 4 candidates, and I like the candidate Tomas Hirsch of the pact for the presidential elections, to be proclaimed at Edificio Diego Portales in Santiago by more than 1,000 convention delegates attending the “National Assembly for sovereignty. ” His candidacy is entered in the Electoral Services on September 12, 2005, with an artistic and cultural event in the Plaza de Armas de Santiago.
Tomas Hirsch won 5.40 on December 11, with about 372,000 votes, scroll to the last. For the second presidential round the pact was divided between those who wipe their vote and that would be called to vote for Bachelet in conditionally.
Smaller groups of the conglomerate desidieron retirarce the pact as the PC (AP) and MPMR.

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